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Papers of the Rattray family of Craighall

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Scope and Content

This collection contains the call numbers X.c.61 (1-194).

The main interest lies in the correspondence, which, in common with most family correspondence of the period, is largely taken up with financial matters. The incursions of the English armies in the middle of the 17th century caused considerable damage to property, especially in the neighborhood of Perth. Some people - such as Lord Spynie - found themselves on the wrong side politically, and so got into difficulties. Others like Lord Kinghorne inherited dilapidated estates, and dedicated their lives (in his case with outstanding success) to the reestablishment of their affairs.

A sidelight on this preoccupation with this world's goods is the requests made by several people (including Lady Maderty) that the Laird of Craighall should look after their property in 1651 when the English were in Perthshire, Craighall presumably being considered a secure place.

On a personal side, the correspondence contains requests for fishhooks, books, and ash saplings; it deals with the problems of education, the qualifications of ministers, the day to day duties required of a laird, and it covers in considerable detail the marital difficulties of James Ogilvy of Balfour.

As the letters were usually delivered by a bearer who knew their contents, there was no need for the writer to be absolutely precise, and many of the letters leave the details of what the writer had in mind to be filled out by his messenger. They are also for the same reason frequently very badly written. Many of the writers cannot be identified with certainty, and mistakes have probably been made. One genealogical fact does emerge from the papers. In the Scots Peerage, David 3rd Lord Maderty is given only three daughters. However it appears from letter X.c.61 (155) that he had a fourth, Jean, who was married to Stirling of Achyll.

Letters from or to members of the Drummond family have been transcribed in full. The rest have been calendared in greater or lesser detail according to their apparent interest.

An Index of names found within the collection can be found at the end of the guide.

Additional pencil markings on the manuscripts refer to the previous arrangement by the National Register of Archives in Scotland.

Description based on the calendar made by Patrick Cadell in 1981.


  • 1593-1699


Language of Materials

In English with some French.


Collection is open for research.

Biographical Note

For a biographical history of the Rattray family of Craighall, refer to Scots Peerage and other sources.


194.0 items (3 boxes)


Contains primarily incoming correspondence to the Lairds of Craighall including David Rattray, James Rattray and Patrick Rattray. Correspondents include, but are not limited to: William Fullerton of Fullerton; David Leslie, Lord Newark; Patrick Lyon, Earl of Kinghorne; and John Ogilvy of Balfour. Also includes incoming correspondence to the Ladies of Craighall, outgoing correspondence from the Lairds, and some miscellaneous correspondence relating to the Rattray's of Craighall, as well as a few deeds and receipts.


Arranged into two series: 1. Correspondence; 2. Deeds and Receipts.

Series 1 is further divided into 3 subseries: 1.1. Incoming letters to the Lairds of Craighall; 1.2. Incoming letters to the Ladies of Craighall; 1.3. Miscellaneous correspondence.

All materials are arranged chronologically within each series and subseries.


The Earl of Perth purchased the Papers of the Rattray Family of Craighall from Sotheby's in July, 1981. Previously, the collection belonged to Captain Rattray and were part of the Rattray muniments which had been on temporary deposit at the National Register of Archives in Scotland and were catalogued for the Rattray family by the Scottish Records Office. Many of the papers not included in this collection were sold to the National Register of Archives.

Acquisition Information

The Papers of the Rattray Family of Craighall were acquired in 3 bundles from Christie's auction of "Fine Printed Books and Manuscripts from the Library of the 17th Earl of Perth" on November 20, 2003, lot 204.

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Letterwriting in Renaissance England / compiled and edited by Alan Stewart and Heather Wolfe. Washington, D.C. : Distributed by University of Washington Press, 2004. Contains transcriptions of X.c.61 (120), p. 89-92; X.c.61 (140), p. 203; and X.c.61 (142), p. 52-53. Also includes a reproduction at 90% of X.c.61 (120), p. 90.

Related Materials

Papers of the Rattray Family of Craighall, Perthshire are also located at The National Archives of Scotland (GD385).

Processing Information

Processed by Folger Shakespeare Library staff.

List of names

Baillie (William) General
X.c.61 (14-15)
Balfour (Robert) 2nd Lord Balfour of Burghley
X.c.61 (182)
Blair (James) Ballathie
X.c.61 (103)
Blair (John) of Balthayock
X.c.61 (148)
Blair (Lawrence) of Blair
X.c.61 (43)
Blair (Thomas) Minister of Blairgowrie
X.c.61 (139)
Campbell (D.) Dundee
X.c.61 (18)
Campbell (David) of Dairsie
X.c.61 (2)
Carnegie (James) 2nd Earl of Southesk
X.c.61 (88)
Crichton (David) of Mains of Rattray
X.c.61 (187)
Crichton (David) Son of James in Dillevaird
X.c.61 (130)
Crichton (J.) London
X.c.61 (4-5, 9)
Crichton (James) of Ruthven
X.c.61 (115)
Crichton (Patrick) Rattray
X.c.61 (144)
Crichton (Robert) Minister of Essie
X.c.61 (192)
Crichton (Robert, Sir) of Clunie
X.c.61 (188)
Crichton (Robert) of Mugdrum
X.c.61 (40)
Crokatt (John) of Easter Rattray
X.c.61 (144, 192)
Crokatt (Patrick) Alyth
X.c.61 (154)
Davidson (David) Cotyards
X.c.61 (116)
Davidson (John) Procurator Fiscal of Perth
X.c.61 (106)
Don (Alexander) Coupar
X.c.61 (152)
Donaldson (John) of Hilton
X.c.61 (116)
Drummond (--) Brother of Lady Craighall
X.c.61 (176)
Drummond (Andrew) of the Blair family
X.c.61 (8)
Drummond (David) in Cargill
X.c.61 (97, 109)
Drummond (David) Ird Lord Maderty
X.c.61 (123, 131, 162)
Drummond (David) of Holholl
X.c.61 (184)
Drummond (Donald) in Rattray
X.c.61 (28)
Drummond (G?) Drummond
X.c.61 (99)
Drummond (George) of Blair
X.c.61 (177)
Drummond (James) 3rd Earl of Perth
X.c.61 (60)
Drummond (James) 4th Earl of Perth
X.c.61 (164)
Drummond (James) of the Blair family, uncle of Sylvester Rattray
X.c.61 (7)
Drummond (James) of Gardane
X.c.61 (156)
Drummond (John) Earl of Melfort
X.c.61 (122)
Drummond (John) 2nd Earl of Perth
X.c.61 (49, 175)
Drummond (John, Sir) of Logiealmond
X.c.61 (166)
Drummond (Margaret) Lady Maderty,, nee Leslie
X.c.61 (30)
Drummond (Patrick) Cotyards
X.c.61 (116)
Drummond (William) lst Viscount of Strathallan
X.c.61 (87, 89, 155)
Dunmure (David) of Nevay
X.c.61 (73)
Elphinstone (James) Lord Coupar
X.c.61 (192)
Erskine (--) of Dun
X.c.61 (48, 54, 61-62, 84)
Fullerton (William) of Fullerton
X.c.61 (3, 6)
Fullerton (William) of Fullerton, junior
X.c.61 (44, 48-49, 61, 63, 66, 68, 74, 76, 78, 80-85)
Galloway (James, Sir) Master of Requests
X.c.61 (190)
Glas (John) Perth
X.c.61 (150)
Graeme (J.) of Pitmurthly
X.c.61 (166)
Graham (James) 2nd Marquess of Montrose
X.c.61 (96)
Graham (James) 3rd Marquess of Montrose
X.c.61 (96)
Graham (Robert) of Morphie
X.c.61 (49, 54)
Gray (J.) Coupar
X.c.61 (19)
Gray (W.) Forfar
X.c.61 (64, 68)
Greig (John) of Laighwood
X.c.61 (140)
Haldane (John) of Gleneagles
X.c.61 (155)
Haldane (Marie) of Gleneagles, nee Drummond
X.c.61 (155)
Haliburton (George) Bishop of Aberdeen
X.c.61 (79)
Hamilton (James) lst Duke of Hamilton
X.c.61 (190)
Hay (--) of Haystoun
X.c.61 (82)
Hay (--) of Kirkland
X.c.61 (58)
Hay (Ann) Countess of Erroll, nee Drummond
X.c.61 (122)
Hay (Francis) of Balhousie, W.S.
X.c.61 (13, 22)
Hay (Francis) of Balhousie
X.c.61 (194)
Hay (George) Errol
X.c.61 (72)
Hay (George) of Balhousie
X.c.61 (194)
Hay (George, Sir) of Pitcullane
X.c.61 (193)
Hay (Gilbert) 4th Earl of Errol
X.c.61 (10)
Hay (James) Edinburgh
X.c.61 (20)
Hay (John) 12th Earl of Errol
X.c.61 (122)
Hay (Margaret) Niece of Francis, of Balhousie W.S.
X.c.61 (13, 21)
Hay (Margaret) Sister of Sir George, of Pitcullane
X.c.61 (193)
Hay (Thomas) of Balhousie
X.c.61 (194)
Henderson (A.) Edinburgh
X.c.61 (27)
Hunter (Thomas) Dundee
X.c.61 (23)
Ireland (John) of Milnhorne
X.c.61 (191)
Jackson (William) Dundee
X.c.61 (17)
Keath (Alexander) of Over Dysart
X.c.61 (179)
Kinnaird (George) 1st Lord Kinnaird
X.c.61 (58, 136, 181-194)
Kinnaird (Margaret) Lady Kinnaird, nee Crichton
X.c.61 (115)
Lammie (John) of Pittadie
X.c.61 (110)
Learmonth (Thomas) Edinburgh
X.c.61 (133, 145)
Leslie (Alexander) Edinburgh
X.c.61 (45, 50, 52-53, 55, 57)
Leslie (Alexander) Lord Balgonie
X.c.61 (97)
Leslie (David) Lord Newark
X.c.61 (32, 37, 86-90, 100-102, 104-105)
Leslie (Jane) Lady Newark, nee Drummond
X.c.61 (32, 37)
Leslie (John) 4th Lord Lindores
X.c.61 (172-173, 192)
Leslie (John, Sir) of Newton
X.c.61 (89)
Lindsay (David) 12th Earl of Crawford
X.c.61 (3, 6)
Lindsay (David) of Edzell
X.c.61 (1)
Lindsay (George) 3rd Lord Spynie
X.c.61 (48, 61, 78, 80)
Lindsay (John) of Edzell
X.c.61 (65-66)
Lindsay (William) Bishop of Dunkeld
X.c.61 (167)
Lyon (Patrick) 3rd Earl of Kinghorne
X.c.61 (10, 91-93, 98, 107-108, 111-114, 127, 135, 168, 170-171)
Lyon (Patrick) of Brigton
X.c.61 (42, 55, 84)
Lyon (William) of Wester Ballinshoe
X.c.61 (21)
McFarlane (John) Servitor to Lammie of Pittadie
X.c.61 (110)
Malcolm (Harry) Minister of Bendochy
X.c.61 (138)
Maxwell (Robert) of Brattullo
X.c.61 (188)
Menzies (A.) Cairns
X.c.61 (157)
Miller (David) in Mill of Kinhallach
X.c.61 (2)
Miller (Janet) Wife of David, in Mill of Kinhallach, nee Alison
X.c.61 (2)
Miller (John) of Gormuck
X.c.61 (124)
Moncreiff (John, Sir) of Moncreiff
X.c.61 (11)
Moncur (Andrew) Dundee
X.c.61 (18)
Murray (--) of Balmanno
X.c.61 (88)
Murray (John) Marquess of Atholl
X.c.61 (54, 165)
Naysmith (James) of Inver
X.c.61 (7)
Neilson (Fergus) Edinburgh
X.c.61 (24, 31, 33, 37, 39)
Ogilvy (--) of Inchmartine
X.c.61 (61)
Ogilvy (David) of Bellettie
X.c.61 (16)
Ogilvy (James) 2nd Earl of Airlie
X.c.61 (141)
Ogilvy (James) 6th Lord Ogilvy
X.c.61 (177)
Ogilvy (James) Murderer
X.c.61 (177)
Ogilvy (John) Edinburgh
X.c.61 (26, 51, 54, 56, 67)
Ogilvy (John) of Balfour
X.c.61 (119-121, 123, 125-126, 128, 130-132, 137, 142-143, 185)
Ogilvy (Robert) of Glencally
X.c.61 (171)
Paton (Alexander) Edinburgh
X.c.61 (23)
Paxton (John) Servitor to Fergus Neilson
X.c.61 (31, 33)
Rattray (--) Doctor in France
X.c.61 (29, 77)
Rattray (--) Edinburgh
X.c.61 (117)
de Rattray (--) France
X.c.61 (75)
de Rattray (--) France (son of preceding?)
X.c.61 (129)
Rattray (--) in Alyth, uncle of Patrick, of Craighall
X.c.61 (95)
Rattray (--) in Kinclaven
X.c.61 (154, 159)
Rattray (--) of Innerquick
X.c.61 (178)
Rattray (Agnes) of Craighall, nee Hay
X.c.61 (174)
Rattray (Andrew) Son of a cousin of Patrick, of Craighall
X.c.61 (49)
Rattray (Ann) of Craighall, nee Drummond
X.c.61 (175-176)
Rattray (D.) Edinburgh
X.c.61 (48, 56, 77)
Rattray (David) of Craighall
X.c.61 (10-23, 25-26, 31, 33, 189, 191)
Rattray (G.) London
X.c.61 (169)
Rattray (George) in Balkarne
X.c.61 (191)
Rattray (George) of Craighall
X.c.61 (177)
Rattray (J.) France
X.c.61 (29)
Rattray (James) of Craighall
X.c.61 (119-121, 123, 125-126, 128, 130-132, 137-173, 186, 194)
Rattray (John) Minister of Alyth
X.c.61 (34-36)
Rattray (John) Minister of Rattray
X.c.61 (189)
Rattray (John) Minister of Ruthven
X.c.61 (34, 79)
Rattray (John) Son of David of Craighall
X.c.61 (22, 70-71, 101)
Rattray (Patrick) of Craighall
X.c.61 (24, 27-30, 32, 34-118, 122, 124, 127, 129, 133-6, 183)
Rattray (Sylvester) Coupar
X.c.61 (41)
Rattray (Sylvester) Minister of Rattray
X.c.61 (174)
Rattray (Sylvester) of Craighall
X.c.61 (1-9, 178)
Robertson (--) of Inverchroskin
X.c.61 (160)
Robertson (A.) of Fernocht
X.c.61 (147)
Robertson (Alexander) of Ferniehurst
X.c.61 (146)
Robertson (James) of Ferniehurst
X.c.61 (146)
Robertson (John) Edinburgh
X.c.61 (151)
Robertson (Patrick) of Littleton
X.c.61 (25)
Robertson (Thomas) Minister of Alyth
X.c.61 (118, 185)
Rollo (--) of Duncrub
X.c.61 (58, 182)
Ruthven (J.) of Ruthven
X.c.61 (25, 134)
Ruthven (Thomas, Sir) of Freeland
X.c.61 (11)
Shepherd (George) Rattray
X.c.61 (144)
Soutar (David) Blair
X.c.61 (187)
Soutar (Margaret) Wife of David, nee Crichton
X.c.61 (187)
Stewart (Patrick) Cairns
X.c.61 (158)
Stewart (Thomas, Sir) of Grandtully
X.c.61 (100-102, 105)
Stirling (George) of Achyll
X.c.61 (155)
Stirling (Jean) of Achyll, nee Drummond
X.c.61 (155)
Stuart (James) Duke of Richmond and Lennox
X.c.61 (180)
Symson (John) Coupar
X.c.61 (152)
Wemyss (David)
X.c.61 (33)
Wemyss (P.) Edinburgh
X.c.61 (179)
Whitson (Alexander) Kirkton of Rattray
X.c.61 (153)
Wishart (John, Sir) of Pitarro
X.c.61 (1)
Guide to the Papers of the Rattray Family of Craighall, 1593-1699 Folger MS X.c.61 (1-194) Folger MS X.c.61 (1-194)
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